About Me

I'm gin.

A bilingual white girl living in south Texas.  You should see the look on people's faces when I bust the Spanish out! ¡Qué rico!

I amuse myself on a daily basis.  Sometimes I amuse my friends.  I almost never amuse my husband.  My son though?  He thinks I'm a regular Paula Poundstone.

Every once in awhile, my creative side gets hungry.  I feed it by making super ugly crafts that make my husband sigh.

Speaking of hungry, I love to eat.  Especially the food I prepare.  Not because I am an amazing cook but because, well, let's face it,  I'm an amazing cook.  Really, I am.

My relationship to social media outlets can be best summed up as relationship metaphors.

My husband better be glad I married him, because if Pinterest were a dude, I would marry him.

Facebook ticks me off from time to time, but I always go back to it.  Textbook bad relationship, I know.

Twitter is like the elusive guy you just can't figure out but boy, once you do, you know you'll be great together.

You're more than welcome to join in on any of the above relationships; we're open-minded like that.

Want more?
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