Monday, May 30, 2011

Why I'm Inspired and An Inspired Giveaway

Back in the beginning of March, I caught a bug. I was in the mood to...craft. To create something. This had never happened to me before and I was rather taken aback by it. I didn't know how to handle it or even where to start, so I googled. I clicked. I searched. After clicking and backspacing for awhile, I came across a sweet little blog.
 It's called:

Of course, the girl had tutorials out the yin yang. Easy to follow tutorials for novices such as myself. Not only were her tutorials bangin' she was also highly relate-able, funny and honest. I liked her instantly. I wrote an exultant blog about her, running the risk of sounding like a weird fan girl. The icing on the cake was when she commented on my blog. No big blogger has ever done that! Never.

That being said, not only did her tutorials inspire me, she herself inspired me by commenting. It flipped a switch in me and made me think that maybe I could expand my blog a bit; grow it and share with others. Since then, that's what I've done. I'm really proud of the little blog and realize I still have a lot more to learn.

I've been working through some of LMM's tutorials; want to see what I've done so far? Sure you do!

When I saw this I knew I could do it easily; basically, all you do is paint a board, carefully stick a vinyl on it and sand the edges. A little hint for ya: there is no such thing as sanding too much; it just depends how distressed you want it to look. Want to do this tutorial? Click here.

This head band made it to my Top Ten Tutorials I Will Conquer post. Guess what? I conquered it! I love wearing this headband. I changed LMM's original a little; stretchy headbands never stay on so I used a plain plastic one. Do you want a pretty headband too? Click here.

You know how some crafts you need to do more than once to get just right? Well, that's how this one went. It started off well enough:

But I quickly realized that I didn't pay enough attention to LMM's instructions and made all the flowers the same size and that size was too big. The necklace turned out looking like maybe it belonged to a fashionable clown.
 Craft fail.

I tried it again, this time with different lace and the correct sizing. I also gently folded down the top of the lace as it circled around to add some definition. Then I added a few extra pearls to accent it. Perfect.
What? You want to make this lovely necklace too? Click here for the tutorial.
I got to thinking though. I couldn't keep this lovely necklace for myself; I wanted to share it with you; the people who read my words and respond to my weird little peccadilloes. I want to say thank you; I'm over 100 followers and 100 followers on Twitter; that's a big deal! So, I'm giving this necklace away to one lucky reader. My intent is to tie together my newfound love of crafting to my inspiration; and then to share it with you guys.

You want that necklace, don't you? It makes a statement, so you could pair it with just about any top to make it pop. It works with my navy blue blouse and with LMM's lime green frock.

Here's how you can win it:
Comment and tell me what your favorite tutorial ever is.
Follow me on GFC.
{Leave a separate comment for each.}

Additional entries:
Comment and tell me what inspires you.
{Leave a separate comment for each.}

Giveaway will end Monday, June 6th.

I love you guys, really. We're bloggy BFF's for sure.

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Life As Wife said...

I already follow you on Twitter!

Life As Wife said...
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Life As Wife said...

Sorry for the double post!
Liked you on Facebook!

Life As Wife said...

I've never been a crafty person because I just am plain bad at them; however, I adore the utensil picture you created. I might have to try a later version for my dining room!

Eve said...

So cute! Love the headband!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

This post just totally made me smile from ear to ear! You really are the sweetest ever! And I am so loving your red cutlery over my black--it turned out amazing! ANd great lace flower making skills, you rock! I linked ot this post on fb!

Aimee said...

i love tutorials of flower/rosettes... cause i have tried so many different ones and love adding them to accessories

Ginger said...

favorite tutorial ever? Oh my - that's a hard one. I will just generalize and say any that are signs for the home and add a personal touch to your home.

Ginger said...

I am already a follower on GFC.

Ginger said...

I am already a follower on twitter.

Ginger said...

I am already a follower on facebook.

Nicole said...

I am a follower and I love you dresser make over with the tiles. LOVE!

Kari said...

I'm already a GF follower :)

Kari said...

I love the one of the very first tutorial's you did-Topher's song

Kari said...

I already follow you on twitter

Kari said...

I thought I already liked you on FB but I was wrong-I have mended my ways and now do!

Linh C. said...

I follow you on GFC.

Linh C. said...

Love the tile dresser makeover.