Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Because She'll Make Your Day A Little Better...

During my nightly blog perusal, I ran across Little Miss Momma.  After reading a few blog posts, I was hooked!  This girl is funny, honest, endearing, kind and creative.  While she has thousands of followers, she took time to comment on two of my posts.  TWO!

Make room in your blogrolls, ladies!  You're gonna love this girl.  Let me link you to a couple of my favorite posts of hers so far:

This post:  shows me that I am not the only one in the world who worries on a daily basis.  A growing baby means ever evolving worries.

This post:  shows me she's got gumption and will stand up for herself!  Not only that, but she lays her insecurities on the line here, making her vulnerable and most importantly, relatable! 

This post:  shows me that while our babies make our world go round, life with a baby is difficult.  When Toph was first born and I was dealing with baby blues, I would read mommy blogs that made their babies out to be saintly and perfect but never shared hard times and I would think (honestly), "my baby must be the only one in the world with these issues...what did I do wrong?" Why couldn't I have found this blog back then?

This post:  because I too, am awkward and awesome (mostly awkward with random flashes of awesome).  I think I might start posting these on a weekly basis myself, so get ready for Thursdays!

This post: is the whole reason I found Ashley's blog.  I was looking at DIY websites because I've been in a crafty mood lately and one linked me to her.  Who wants to come over and have a necklace making party?  While we're at it, we'll make this headband, some wall art, this cork board for our kitchens, this baby foot print plaque and this door hanger.

I rarely find blogs written by strangers (but now she's my friend, obvs, because she commented twice guys) that I love so much.  So, visit LMM...follow her and your dashboard will never be the same.


Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

We are officially bloggy BFF's! How could we not be after this insanely sweet most! You seriously totally brightened my day--and its cleaning day in my house, so we all know I really needed this pick-me-up! thanks for being so awesome!


Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

I am so with you! LMM is my top fav blog to read!
I love how ashley is open, honest, and real! thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

I couldn't agree more! Love this post and your blog:)

Bec @ eleventhirtyish said...

couldn't agree more! I've only just starting this adventure into blogland and was super happy when Ashley took the time to comment on my blog. Ashley is awesome, so much so that i feel like i'm catching up with a friend each night when i log on!

Savannah said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LMM too!!! She says everything I wish I could say and everything I am thinking, She is the reason I wanted to start my blog!!!

Aimee said...

I follow you!