Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ten Tutorials I WILL Conquer

I am not a crafty person. 
This is not for lack of exposure in my childhood; my mother and aunt are extremely crafty.
My mom is an awesome seamstress.  
She was always encouraging us to craft.  I simply thought Michael's was boring.
I never took to it and I'm sure she thought all her attempts to get me to be crafty were in 
She was wrong.
I'm just a late bloomer.

My eyes have been opened to the world of tutorials and I will never be the same.  
I've been bitten by the craft bug and I've got plans.

Here are ten tutorials that I will conquer:
{At some point, but hopefully sooner rather than later--summer is coming!}

I like how I can make whatever color I want and I like how I can use my glue gun a lot.
Plus, can't you just imagine sitting around with your girlfriends, cutting circles out, maybe drinking some coffee, chatting and crafting?  My idea of a good time, and I'm being honest.

I picked this because it seems very daunting and I really want to challenge myself.  I am thinking I will do two alternating colors for my t-shirt, maybe a red tshirt with pink petals--what do you think?

As soon as I saw this I knew I would do it for Toph's room.  I make up songs for him all the time and one has stuck; a little ditty called "Where is Topher?" sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques."

This just seems too easy to NOT do. 

I practically squealed with delight with this tutorial; so easy and so cute!  Plus, the sky is the limit; you could put your initials, your family's picture and it was be a cute little accessory.  I am SO excited to make these.

I am SO doing this with my students.  Too fun.

This is so pretty and feminine.  
Hey Mollye, when I get to Colorado this summer you want to do this? 
(Mollye is my sister.  Funny story; when we were growing up, my aunt had a craft day with us where we decorated t-shirts with puff paint.  While I can't remember what I made, I remember very clearly Mollye making a swamp on her shirt using copious amounts of green, brown and black, complete with alligator.  She proceeded to wear that t-shirt frequently throughout the next couple of years.)

This is another one of those daunting tasks that will look so precious when it's completed.

I am so excited to do this; Matt and I are creating a "mud room" in our entryway and this will go perfectly.

I've been looking for something to personalize our kitchen with our name.  I am going to hang the words
"Kelsey Kitchen" from it above our kitchen window.

I better get busy!
Get ready to see my first "Can Gin Follow Directions?" tutorial completion soon!!

Extra special thanks to all those linked for the inspiration!  Click their links and follow them; continue to be inspired!!

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Kimberly said...

You have some awesome links here! Excited to see how the process goes. I might have to join in a doing a couple of these!

Anonymous said...

Trust me...the paper pendants are SUPER easy. Thanks so much for the feature and have fun creating a unique jewelry collection that literally has endless possibilities (as you say).

Kari said...

These are adorable! I too am a late bloomer when it comes to crafting. My sister owns a scrapbooking company and my other sister owns a wood craft store and I never thought I had the craft gene in me until I started planning my wedding. Now I see crafts and I want to do them all! I love the idea of filling my home with my own homemade crafts. Good luck with these tutorials-I think I may join you in a making a few of them.


Mollye said...

Sister, I'm totally down to make any of these projects!! I'm still planning to set aside a craft day! We will have crafts coming out of our ears! Love ya and miss you bunches. Talk to you later big sister!


Samantha said...

O my gosh! I am a late bloomer in the crafty side of my life too, however, it was due to lack of exposure! I am excited to see how this goes for you and might try some of my own :) Good luck :)