Friday, April 1, 2011

Ultimate Blog Party Post

Well, hello there.

I'm gin and welcome to Life as Topher's Mama. Here you'll find my musings on motherhood, life and a mishmash of topics that strike my fancy.

I'm the mama of Toph and the wife of Matt. I am a third grade bilingual teacher in south Texas and of course, a blogger. Over the years, blogging has become a passion of mine as a creative outlet, as I've always loved to write to share my experiences.

If you stick around my blog, you'll find that I'm:
  • messy
  • addicted to caffiene
  • love my baby more than life but that I also love to worry about him
  • slowly but surely tapping into my crafty side (very, very slowly)
  • deeply in love with my husband
  • very, very awkward
  • very, very awesome
  • sometimes fashion forward, but other times dreadfully fashion backward
  • not perfect
  • sometimes funny (at least in my own head)
  • slowly but surely trying to expand my blog and connect with more people (hence the blog party!)
  • teaching myself how to beautify my blog (with the help of people smarter than me!)
  • grateful for my sweet life and thank the Lord every day for my blessings
Did I mention I'm very, very awesome?  Oh, yes.  I did.  
Thanks for stopping by!  If you like those chubby little feet in my header or anything that you read  here, feel free to click that little "Follow" button.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Plus, I've heard I look really good in people's dashboards, so that's reason in and of itself.

(If you're wondering what the heck I'm doing right now, click here.)
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Julie said...

Funny! First thought..."Oh how I love those cute little chubby toes in that header." You pegged me with your last comment. I so admire teachers...and bilingual to boot. You are one talented lady! I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Nichole said...

Hopping over from the party, I agree, love the header image :)

Tiffany said...

your blog and header is really cute! love all the info! Thanks for stopping by <3!

Samantha said...

You do look good in people's dashboards :)

Anonymous said...

Following from UBP11 :)...glad you found me.

Brittney said...

thanks for stopping by! I love meeting teachers, i often find i learn more from subbing and talking to actual teachers than i do in college lol. Topher is adorable :)
Nice to "meet" yah! I look forward to reading more

Sarah said...

found you from UBP11. great blog and I love those chubby feet in your header.