Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkard and Awesome: Blog Edition

We all have awkward blogging moments.

We all have awesome blogging moments.

Here are a few of mine...starting with awkward (it's always nice to get that one out of the way first):
  • endless late night HTML editing, previewing and cursing when nothing is going right.
  • not being able to find just the right background and {quietly} freaking out about it.
  • spending too, too much time on the computer (essentially, my time on the computer begins when Toph goes to bed and ends when I can't hold my eyes open anymore...awkward.)
  • random post from 2 years ago about my Wii avatar (OMG awkward)
  • those feelings of inadequacy that creep up on me when I least expect it {who do you think you are? why are you doing this? you are so selfish; this should be for your son and you're taking it over...and on and on ((that was a little glimpse into my head, just so you know)}
  • posting this picture of myself dressed as "The Cat in the Hat:"
I danced around and sang in this onstage at a PTA meeting.  

Now for the awesome:
  • since creating my header, I've officially decided on the background I want (now I just need to learn how to design it)
  • learned to create a signature.{see below}
  • Mucho comment love.  (I love comments; I practically squeal when I get them.)
  • Meeting lots of cool bloggies out there in the interwebs that I wish I could meet for realsies, because I know we'd have fun.
  • my grab button
Life as Topher's Mama

Do you have one yet?  Get one!
  • learning so much about the business side of blogging.
  • reading through old posts of "My Husband Rocks" and being thankful that I wrote them down.  I'd forgotten this one!
  • a series I'll be starting this weekend about my journey of crafting through tutorials.
  • every single person that follows me on Twitter (@virginiajeanne) or this blog or who has shown some comment love is very. very. very. awesome.
Is your blog awkward and awesome?  Do tell.  I must know.

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Jessica Brianne said...

I love this! Your little boy is too cute! I also just read his story, & seriously how precious is that? LOVE.