Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mongoose and Mii

When you get a Wii, you get to create a personalized avatar, called a Mii. That's the first thing I did when we got the system started up, I created my Mii. Her name is Mongoose. Now, the reason I named her Mongoose is because when I was working at OTB all those years, I was called Mongoose by a few other servers. Here's why: one time I caught a tray with chips and drinks that was for sure going to fall to the ground, but with my mongoose like reflexes I caught the tray in time and all was saved. One of my other fellow servers said, "you have cat-like reflexes!" I thought that over for awhile and that just wasn't good enough. I thought back to my childhood days of Rudyard Kipling and "Rikki Tikki Tavi," the classic tale of a boy in India who is saved from cobras by an adorable mongoose (who actually are really ugly in real life). Kipling will be read in my household when I have children, but I digress. Anyway, I said, "no, not catlike reflexes, mongoose like reflexes. They're kind of like cats but they can kill cobras." Everyone thought that was funny and it stuck. Ah, to be a server again (not that I would ever want to, actually). Now, this was about three years ago, and who's to say I still have those tray catching reflexes, but long story short, my Mii is named Mongoose.
I also got to choose Mongoose's outfit, hairdo, and facial components. She always wears purple, and her hair has got a sassy little side pony tail, something I wore a lot at the age of 7. She sports oversized sunglasses, just like me, and she has a mole on her cheek (a beauty mark, really). Now, I created Mongoose and she was so cute and then I had to step onto the Wii so we could get her weight. Something horrible happened after that: she grew sideways right before my very eyes and got a sad face going while the Wii said to me, "that's overweight." But, everyday she's been getting a little smaller, same as me. So we'll see how that goes.
One thing I don't like about her is when she does some of the balance games. For example, there's a game where you have to balance your Mii in a bubble and keep her from hitting the walls and keep her from getting stung by bees. I have all of this all under control, as I make very tiny, balanced movements on the fit board to keep her from popping her bubble. But Mongoose has a skittish side that I don't have: she starts acting a fool and panicking every time I even think about getting close to the edge. I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!! She just hasn't developed that level of trust yet, I guess. But what I don't understand is that when a bee comes and gets ready to pop her bubble, she acts like she has no idea what's going on, and this is when I start to panic because I know what the bee is about to do. He's about to pop that bubble and all will be lost. Oh well. We still manage to have fun together. One game I can sympathize with her is the tightrope balance game. Every time I even get a little off balance she starts flapping her arms and drops of sweat are running off of her. I can understand that, the building is high and I can't even see the ground. Maybe that's why she doesn't trust me yet, because she's fallen a lot. I'm not very good at the tightrope game.
So, Mongoose and I are having a good time. She needs to loosen up a little, and I need to improve my balance. We'll see how things go.

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