Friday, April 8, 2011

Coffee With Friends Friday

I love coffee.  Love, love, love coffee.  Sometimes, I drink almost a whole pot of coffee in the mornings before leaving for work and I still want to take more with me but I feel super bad because hubs needs coffee too.

So, I make him another pot.  I'm not a completely selfish wife.

However, drinking coffee whilst getting ready for work is nothing compared to drinking coffee with your girlfriends.  Chatting about anything, everything and staying way too long.

When I saw this linky party started by Ashley at Eisy Morgan, for a minute I was stumped about what I would share.  I thought of the title and it came to me; some of the sweetest memories I have that revolve around coffee.

I spent a few days in Seattle with my friend Shannon back in 2007.  We went everywhere and everywhere we went, we had coffee in hand.
You will see me on top of the Space Needle, reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, with coffee in hand.  That sums up our trip; going everywhere in Seattle, drinking coffee and getting the haircut you see there.  At the time I hated it, now I think I might get it cut that short again...times they are a changin'. 

During the summers in college, I would fly home to Texas from the University of Colorado Boulder and stay with my mom.  We would spend our mornings talking and working crossword puzzles and drinking cup after cup of coffee.   Those are days that I will always cherish.

In college, I majored in Spanish Language and Literature.  One of my classes was a gruesome 3200 level Spanish grammar class.  I met a girl in that class; her name is Margaret.  We started studying together and learned we shared a common love of Arrested Development (RIP), Family Guy, running and coffee. Not to mention we learned we were neighbors.  We are friends to this day and I miss her more than I do the mountains when I think of my beloved Colorado.

Margaret and her hubs, Randy. 
When Matt and I first started dating (at 18 and 21), we would make a daily trip to Starbucks. Yes, daily!  We would both get grande white chocolate mochas (only Matt would add raspberry to his).  We would take the coffee back to one of our apartments' and would say goodbye and head off to school. I think of that time in our relationship and smile; if we did that now, we would be broke (and not to mention, gain a lot of weight; we don't have that young metabolism anymore).

What I love about coffee is of course the taste and most definitely the caffeine.  Wherein those things cause my body to want more coffee, the memories cause my mind to want more.

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Mollye said...

Awesome! I've never been a huge fan of coffee, generally because I start feeling like Apu from the Simpsons, which I will leave in the below clip:

I'm sad that me and you don't have any caffeinated memories. Oh well, maybe when you come up here in the summer, I will buy you some starbucks coffee and we will have some when we have our craft day! Love you and miss you terribly Sissy!