Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Winner and a Tasty Tutorial

Here's something poetic for ya: for my fifty follower giveway, I had fifty comments. Neat right? I love stuff like that.

You wanna know who won? Well, don't worry; I'm getting there. First, I thought I would teach you about a tasty (and easy) way to spice up your sandwiches.

If you don't like sandwiches, maybe go read something else for awhile.

Still here? Oh, it's because you want to know if you won the giveaway, I get it. You're just going to have to wait.

Anyway, who doesn't like sandwiches? Hubs and I love them and eat them almost every weekend as a quick lunch. We have finally coupled our love for sandwiches and pureeing vegetables and let me tell you, the results are phenomenal.

Hers's what we did:

We took some pureed red bell pepper and combined it with our regular old mayo. Not only did we add some awesome flavor to our sandwich, we also stretched out our mayo AND most importantly, healthened (is that a word?) it up a bit.

(Disclaimer: If you are a Miracle Whip person I can't help you. I ain't mad atcha if you have love for the Miracle Whip, but girl, mayo is by far the better sandwich spread.)

Here's what we did:

We steamed our red pepper for about 15 minutes.

Then, we pureed our steamed red pepper using our food processor.

Then, we busted out our mayo (I love the kind with olive oil).  Now, we are rebels and don't use measuring spoons.  I usually eyeball the mixture until it's nice and creamy.  It's usually about half red bell pepper and half mayo.

Then, you give it a good mix and spread it on your favorite sandwich.  My current favorite is a homemade club with ham, turkey, bacon, colby jack cheese, avocado, spinach and of course, red bell pepper mayonnaise.  Toasted, please.

How easy was that? 

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: 

I had choose the winner; I inputted the numbers 1-50 and this is what it gave me:

So I counted all the way to nine and this is what I found:

Many congratulations are in order for Mrs. Jo Lee!
 (Did y'all know I went to high school with Jo? Yep!  This is why I love blogging; keeping up with old friends!)

My darling, if you will email me {virginiajeanne at gmail dot com}, I will put your Pedi-Confetti kit in the mail.

To all of you who entered, thank you and keep coming back; who knows what's in store!
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Jo said...

Doing a little happy dance in Colorado. This is the first blog giveaway I have own.

TJ @ said...

Hi! Stopping by from a blog hop. Have a great day! :-)

Melissa said...

so yeah, yeah i went straight to if we are going to b bloggy bffs and saw that you like hip hop... and yes instantly became a follower. we must discuss!

Melissa aka the whitest white girl in the hip hop capital of the world!

Daphne said...

Great tip on the sandwiches. I enjoyed reading your profile write-up as well. Like your sense of humor.
Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment.

Krafty Max Originals said...

I couldn't find the post about the Boost my

Blog Friday Blog Hop, so I am leaving my note


BLOG HOPping around - I am now a follower of

your blog, wont you also follow me?? ~KM
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