Sunday, February 7, 2010

34 Weeks! Closing in on the Final Six Weeks

Today Lulu and I are 6 weeks away from our due date. I know; only six weeks away. I realize that seems like a long time to a non-pregnant person, but to me, it seems like tomorrow. We are so excited to meet our baby, anxious about the delivery and ready for this new phase of our life. Everyday I am increasingly thankful that I have my sweet husband going through this with me. He is my rock, my comic relief and my shoulder to cry on. I don't know what I'd do without him.

This week Lulu's lungs continue to develop and she continues to grow baby fat. She is moving a lot, but her movements are far more painful than they have been! I told my mom it feels like she's blocking out, trying to get a rebound. (When in doubt, I go for the basketball similes.) If what I'm feeling in there is any indication of what will happen when she's outside the womb, she may just be a good little basketball player. Aggressive like her mama and fast like her daddy. always talks about how mom might be feeling. It said I might just be fatigued. Let's just put it this way: today, I am not fatigued. Yesterday, I was not fatigued. Tomorrow, I will probably be fatigued. I found out that the kids and I are going on our first field trip when I am 37 weeks pregnant (three weeks from Tuesday). Part of me giggles insanely when I think of that; what pregnant teacher in her right mind would put her full-term self through something as stressful as a field trip? I'm just as bad as my students too; I immediately go into "what if" mode. What if I get so stressed my water breaks in the art museum? What if contractions start? Will I be able to stick it out through the field trip or will I wallow around on the floor? What if I need to leave the museum? Who will take me to the hospital? What if hubs doesn't know where the museum is? All useless questions, to be sure, none of which can be answered but all of which run like a cycle through my mind.

Other than fatigue, I feel really good. My back hurts at times and so do my feet, but nothing that's excruciating. I had a great doctor appointment and time is just marching on. Next weekend we will do some serious Lulu shopping, and I will start to tie up loose ends with my job and get completely ready for maternity leave.

Tonight is the Superbowl! This is what we were doing last year. This year I'm not doing the cooking. I expressed to hubs I felt bad about that, but he said don't worry, you're already cooking a baby. So, he's grilling hot dogs and brats, making cheese dip and he bought potato chips with ranch (we NEVER eat this stuff, as we've deemed it far too unhealthy, but today is a very special occasion). I have a busy week this week but not as busy as last week; so hopefully I will get better sleep!

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Tessa said...

Hi. I know I don't know you, but I came across your blog ( I love reading about people while my girls nap) and I thought I would just say hello and congratulations. I read that you found your name from the Devine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. I did that too! Strange. When I was pregnant with my second I was on a hike talking to God about the baby growing in my belly. I heard him say the baby was a girl. I mentioned (in my head) that I had been reading that book and felt him incline me to research the name Sidda. I did. It means "fufilled." I called her Sidda everyday while she was in there, even before I "knew" she was a she. My husband picked another name, Jillian, because it means "sweetheart." I still call her my Sidda in my heart though, and feel like if we have another girl, that will be her name. Anyway, I love the name you picked and I love the way you write about your daughter ... so exciting to know that perfection grows inside of you. Again, congratulations!