Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Tiny Valentine: Lulu Mae, 35 Weeks

Yep, we're one week closer to our estimated due date! Lulu is getting so big; she doesn't so much turn as much as roll and poke. And when she kicks, she puts some force into it. I am sooooo excited for her arrival.

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! My wonderful husband is still sleeping and I can't think of anyone who deserves a little more R&R than he does. It melted my heart this year that he bought Valentines for both of his girls. says that Lulu's physical development is pretty much complete, now she is working solely on brain development and weight gain. Her little head is down, which is good, and it's all systems go until the big day. Right now for me, every day is a hard fought battle, especially the days I have to work. :) I am getting more fatigued all the time and am starting to wish I taught downstairs instead of up, because the stair walking is starting to become a real chore. I consider it good exercise though; Lord knows when I get home I plant myself on the couch and that's where I stay until bed. This week is just a four day week with the kids, tomorrow we have staff development which means a lot of sitting. Before being pregnant, I would have considered that a boring prospect, but now, it's just nice. Other than being fatigued though, I still feel great. I am sleeping like a rock, a nice departure from last week, which I must attribute to a highly stressful, very busy week.

Well, since it is Valentine's Day, I'm off to make the hubs a tasty breakfast. Only five more weeks!!!! (Which, I'm sure you'll be sad, only means five more weeks of this little "week in the life" series I have going.) What will I blog about next? I think we all know that answer to that one!

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