Sunday, February 21, 2010

Close to Full Term! 28 Days to Go!

It's incredible how fast time flies by. I've graduated to once weekly doctor's visits (which I hope they're not like last doc had a delivery that morning and was super backed up, I was in the office for 3 hours!). I have my next appointment on Tuesday. The doctor said Lulu is "engaged." It's actually amazing what he can do just by poking his hand on my lower abdomen. I've had a feeling for awhile that her rear end is up, but he just tapped my lower abdomen twice and was like, oh yes, there's the head, she's engaged. Weird, right?

This week I had some allergy issues and had to fight off a sore throat and major fatigue. Thursday and Friday at work were excruciating, but I pulled through. I'm hoping to have a little more energy this coming week, but only time will tell. I go to bed super early every night and yesterday I got Lulu all packed for the hospital. I however, am not packed. I don't exactly know what to bring. And some stuff I don't want to pack until I know it's time, like toothpaste, comb, contact solution, etc.

I have two new favorite things: walking into Lulu's room and opening the closet and just staring, and walking by the laundry room, taking off the cap to the Dreft, and taking a big ol' whiff. I love the way that stuff smells! They've bottled the baby scent.

I may or may not have begun to nest yesterday. I wasn't in a frenzy, but I was in a "get-er-done" mood. I organized papers, put some baby stuff away, did loads of laundry, helped clean the Subaru and (this may sound silly), straightened my hair. My hair has gotten super long with the help of prenatal vitamins, and lately I've been making it curly and going because I just don't have the energy to straighten it. Yesterday I felt compelled to straighten it, so that's what I did.

Next week I'll be full term and Baby Watch 2010 officially begins. Woo hoo!!


dying_l said...

Sweet Jeebus!!! Baby is almost here, I just got really excited. I want to see pictures of the room :(. The suspense is killing me. I don't like not knowing. All I can imagine is pinks and purples, so my idea is way off. Help me out sister!!!

dying_l said...

btw, that's my other google acct. This is Mollye ;). just so you know :D

Kim said...

I can't wait to meet her! You are doing an amazing job growing that sweet baby. I am very proud of you! 15 more teaching days until your early summer :) Yea!