Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Time My Sister Got Chased by a Goose

This is Mollye.

She's my sister and one time, she got chased by a goose.  I wish it could say it scarred her for life; sadly, I am the one with the emotional baggage after witnessing this event.

It was 1998.  I was 15, she was 13. We were finishing up a picnic lunch of fast food outside.  We were seated in a picturesque park located next to a river.  As we were finishing, a tall white goose came nosing around our table.

I was gone in a flash.  I can tolerate a duck from afar but I have no love for geese and their short tempers.  I waited in the car, watching to see what would happen.

My sister approached the goose, who had his neck out waiting for a tasty French fry treat.

Something went wrong, I don't know what.  But that goose lowered his neck so that it was parallel to the ground, puffed his wings out and charged my sister like a raging bull.

(This is the part where I googled images of angry geese and was so freaked out by looking at them that I decided not to put something so ugly on my blog.)

Mollye threw the entire contents of her fries on the ground and literally ran out of her flip flops to avoid the bird's wrath.

From the car, I screamed, "RUN, MOLLYE, RUN! HE'S GAINING ON YOU!!"

I looked like this:

She got to the car in record time and when my mom got in too, they proceeded to laugh.  Thought the whole thing was funny.

I still don't think it's funny.  No love for geese, thank you very much.

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Ducky said...

I laughed out loud! Geese can be so wickedly mean! I love sister stories!! I have the most awesome bird picture I should send you. No doubt you and your sister would get the biggest kick out of it!

Just Another Mom of Twins said...

LMAO! I love the video clip in helping us visualize the whole scene...geese are mean birds! At least you, I mean your sister, lived to tell about it...hahahaha!

Mollye said...

Ah, this glorious memory. I distinctly remember the look of terror on your face and I thought you were going to scale the car to get to the roof. I also remember thinking as the goose lowered its head, "What is he doin---AHHHHHHHHH" And do you remember the old man who witnessed it all?? Good times!!

Lacey_Renea said...

LOL damn geese!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I'd giggle too!

Mama Kat said...

Oh my gosh, the funniest part of this whole post is that you google searched angry geese and then refused to put one up! Not even to prove your point. So funny!

Mama Kat said...

Oh my God I just google searched 'angry goose' and I now have tears streaming down my face I'm laughing so hard. Seriously the funniest part of my day so far.