Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's Talk About Love

Three and a half years ago, I wrote this post about love. I had been contemplating marital love and having been married less than a month, I considered myself an expert. (Ha!)

Three years later, I reread the post.

I believe it now more than ever. The post was inspired by a series of unfortunate events that did not involve us, but the suspicions I had at the time were recently confirmed.

On this day, we celebrate the warm, gushy feelings that we think about when we think "love." We think about the flowers, the chocolates, the hand holding, and the butterflies.

I think about those things too. I think about the days we would get Starbucks on a daily basis and go on long drives. The days spent in bed watching TV, the days of apartment living and ugly car driving.

Oh me oh my oh, I love my husband now more than ever. Today, I'll celebrate the gushy and the mushy, but also the hard work, the sacrifice, the dependence, the faith, the trust and even the conflict that has brought us here today. To me, marriage has turned us into a tree, we are not separate but merely branches, fused together at the trunk. Our roots go deep and we work hard to nurture the tree everyday. We fall short but we do not quit trying.

The mushy, gushy love is easy. This love we have for each other, it's work. It's not always getting our way, it's conceding, it's humbling and it's so...worth it. Easy though? Nope.

Happy Valentine's Day. May it be filled with all kinds of LOVE.

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Eve said...

You're so right and I couldn't agree with you more. The mushy stuff is easy, but the hard stuff the real meat of marriage, is not so easy. It's downright challenging and difficult. And 100 percent worth it. Sending you Matt a big virtual abrazo!

Jessica Renee said...

I may not be married but being with someone 6 yrs and living with them 5 gives me an idea so I totally agree!! It's hard work but always worth it. I love LOVE! :D

Happy Valentine's Day <3