Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Comment Resolution

With vacations both behind me and in front of me, I find myself behind.

Behind on housework, behind on school work (late July I start somewhat preparing my mind to go back to school), behind on friend stuff (I haven't seen my girlfriends in a LONG time), and I'm behind on blog stuff.

I don't like being behind and I don't like being an absent blogger. I've found that when I am behind on reading other's blogs, it muddles my mind and I have a hard time writing a post (hence the post about writer's block).

I haven't been keeping up with you as well as I should. Trust me, I've been reading your posts. I understand if you don't believe me because...I haven't been commenting.

I pride myself on commenting. I comment because I have a connection with what you wrote. I comment because what you wrote made me think of something in my own life. I comment because I support you. I comment because you inspire me.

The thing is, the more I comment on blogs, the better my posts are. So, I've made a resolution. It's a hefty one, but one that I know I can manage.

Starting today, I will comment on ten blog posts a day. Two of those blogs will on newly visited blogs or blogs I don't follow personally. I want to connect, to listen and to validate.

Now, is it possible that I'll have to miss the random day or two? Sure. I'm busy, just like all of you. But I'll jump back on track as quickly as I can. Moreover, I'm not going to limit myself to only ten. If I have the time, I'll comment more. But never less. I can also guarantee you that the comments I leave will be thoughtful. I'm not a comment vomit-er.

We make resolutions to make ourselves better, to try and change something. This comment resolution isn't for you, even though I am confident you enjoy comments (thoughtful ones) just as much as I do. This resolution is for me. To make me a better blogger and to make me a better bloggy buddy. It's to help me make authentic connections and find inspiration when I need it most.

Here we go...ten comments a day.

Starting now.

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gabriellecato said...

good luck!

Meyser said...

Ha! You must almost think I'm a stalker now, but I think it's a beautiful commitment. AND an inspirational one. I am trying to find a blogging routine for myself (I spend way too much time in front of the screen these days), and this idea might be a good place to start. Thank you so much for posting (and for the link about comment vomit, interesting post!)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'm going to give this a try week. I'm covering for another manager at work this week, so next week will be much more realistic! Suerte, amiga!

Nebuchudnessar said...

What a great idea, good luck!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

good goal. I'm way behind in my blog reading & commenting too. so I moseyed over here to make a comment, are you lucky? :-) lol

Amber said...

Great idea! I am the quintessential blog lurker, always reading, becoming inspired, then click on to the next blog. I'll start here by saying I LOVE your blog and look forward to your new posts. One night I sat for an hour just reading old blogs of yours so I felt "caught up" so to speak. :) Kudos to you, and thanks for the commenting inspiration!

ginger @ literally inspired said...

I am SOOO behind too! I agree when I am behind I am lost. My brain is all muddled and I cant think clearly. It's like I don't know where to start. I need to do this challenge too. I think my google reader is over 1000 posts and that is just overwhelming to me.

Sara said...

I've been missing my (semi) daily Jin comment!!!

I've been bad since switching to WP. I completely forget to look at google reader!

Anonymous said...

Again, you must have jumped in my brain with this one, but you definitely say things better than I would have. Mine would have gone something like "Look I'm busy, I'm trying but it's tough." Haha, I'm playing but seriously, I feel EXACTLY the same way. Starting to actually feel guilt about it and HAVE to stop myself. I read your posts, sometimes in big chunks like I'm doing now but I know your page is constantly on my window and that I can go to it anytime. I like the idea of 10. Usually I comment at night, so since my brain is tired, I do what I can. I don't like to just comment the heck outta everything I see. I want the comment to be relevant, not just "cute idea, thanks for sharing." Blah...why bother right?
I am glad you're enjoying yourself. Soon the weather will be cozy and cold and cloudy and we'll have nothing but time to sit and blog. For now...go forth and relax before school starts again!