Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome: Spring Break Edition

  • I know! This was under the awesome side last week.  In truth, this dress fit like a glove.  However, the skirt is very full and a little too short for my liking.  When I order something online that I don't like immediately, I wear it around for awhile to see if it grows on me.  I was rocking it around the house and got some nice compliments from hubs.  I had to fetch something from outside and that's when things got...awkward. You see, the above dress is short and full, so when a breeze catches it, that baby flies right up.  And that's just what happened to me.  A breeze caught it just right and...I flashed my neighbors, Marilyn Monroe style but with no sex appeal.  Now, my neighbors don't look me in the eye.  This is not something that can happen at Toph's party.
  • Being a slacker in the finger nail cutting department and letting Topherboy slice his pretty face open. Um, he's still pretty cute though.  It's a scientific fact.
  • Finding out I have two cavities on Monday while at the dentist.  Actually, this topic is another post in and of itself.  But let's just say the dentist had a judgmental tone that I didn't appreciate.  (I also didn't appreciate the huge needle he jammed in my cheek to numb me, so yeah, we're not on speaking terms right now.  Not that we ever were, but...I think he knows I'm upset.)
  • Having family in town.  Matt's parents from Iowa are here and my dad comes in today.  Matt's mom, stepdad and grandma will be here from down south and my mama is coming over too.  
  • Today is my mama's birthday
I love that lady.  Good mama, good person.  Plus, since she was born on St. Patty's Day, she's my lucky charm.
  •   Spring Break!  A lovely little preview of summer break, only a lot cooler.
  • Getting this party all planned.  I'm so excited to share ideas from our little DIY party.  Mostly, I'm excited to share my baby's first birthday with our loved ones.
Now, one that is both awkward & awesome:
  • Today is the Thursday of Spring Break.  Last year on the Thursday of Spring Break, my water broke at 4:36pm.  I proceeded to get up, leaking everywhere, and make my hubs some sandwiches so he wouldn't starve at the hospital. 
Here's to another awkward & awesome week!


TheProDiva said...

Ah yes...the skirt blowing in the wind debacle....been there, done that, and starred in the made for TV movie! Its a good thing I had on spandex shorts. The dress is way to make it work? Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom!

gin said...

Well, I kept the belt but sent the dress back; it has to be multipurpose, and I didn't think I would be brave enough to wear it to work!