Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lulu's 31st Week in the Womb!

Yep, Lulu's been growing away for 31 weeks now and boy,is she getting big! There is a weight in my lower abdomen that is only getting heavier and her little kicks and rolls are becoming stronger all the time. They've even woken me up. According to, she's expected to go on a growth spurt starting this week, so the weight I'm feeling now will only get heavier, God willing.

Life outside the womb has been fast and furious. Hubs and I have both been hard at work with our students and we went to our second childbirth class. The last one was not much better than the first; it could have easily been condensed into one hour! I get really bored and so does hubs. The next class we have we go on a tour of the hospital, and we're thinking about not going to the fourth(and last) one. I know; we don't want to be childbirth class dropouts, but right now, my rest is more valuable than staying out until 9:30 on a school night. So, we'll see.

Big purchase of the week that turned out to be not so big? A Medela breast pump! Those pieces of equipment are retailing for $280 at Target and we found a really sweet girl on Craigslist who received one for her baby shower but is not breast feeding, so she sold it to us for $100, brand new, still in the box! We were so pumped (pun intended). So that's one thing to take off of our list. I think our next big purchases will be: a stroller and a mattress for the crib. A mattress isn't that expensive, but we find ourselves in a real conundrum as far as strollers go. I personally do not want a travel system, however, I will need some kind of stroller that will accommodate a newborn. We are for sure getting a Jeep running stroller and an umbrella stroller, but there is a time period that we won't have a stroller for our brand new baby. I believe a baby has to be about 2 months old before you can put her in a jogging stroller, so therein lies our conundrum. I don't want three strollers, as it seems to be a little overkill. So, we'll see what we can do.

Hubs and I have a glorious three day weekend, which we are enjoying to the fullest, as it's our last three day weekend before spring break, and spring break is right around the time baby will be here. I can't believe how fast time is going by. We are so excited to meet our little girl!

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