Friday, January 22, 2010

My Husband Rocks

Matt rocks because he truly appreciates what is going on in my body. I fully understood this last week when he looked at me while my tummy was on display and said "Man, isn't this amazing? This is a're growing both of us inside you." He rubbed my belly and hugged me and his baby girl. I have had a blessed pregnancy for two reasons; one, it's been a healthy one and I thank God everyday for that. Two, I have a husband who is right there with me, who makes me as comfortable as he can, who takes notes during childbirth class (even when I balk at being there) and who looks at me and sees a miracle, even on days when I tend to forget that's what going on in there. I would not be half the mother I'm going to be if I didn't have him. That's why he rocks; not only does he love his baby girl already, but he understands the miracle that we're living.


Cecilia said...

Lookin' good Gin, you totally have the pregnancy glow going on :)

Margaret said...

You two look so happy! I love it! You look fantastic, momma! :)