Sunday, January 10, 2010

Growing Girls

I have mentioned before that two cousins of mine and I are due within very close range of each other. M'chelle is due 6 days after me (her little boy could very well come before Lulu) and Keri is due April 25; about a month after both of us. December 20 we all got together at my sweet grandma's house to do our annual Christmas celebration. Here we are:

I'm first because I'm the first due with Lulu, then M'chelle with Jackson and then Keri with J.J. Now, let's talk about Keri, because I'm sure many are thinking, "you are wrong, that girl is definitely due first." Well, Keri is married to my cousin, John D. John D. is a really great guy, gentle with his little girl Aimee, easy to laugh and very dependable. He and Keri are great together. John D. is 7'4 and if you look close enough, Keri is the tallest of us three girls, I think she's about 5'10. Their daughter Aimee, who is about to be four, is already taller than the majority of second graders in my school. She was a big baby, 9 pounds. I'm not sure how long she was, but it was probably in the mid-20s. Needless to say, their little boy may be the youngest of the three, but we can all bet that he will be the biggest.

Look at how petite and cute M'chelle is. She's the type of pregnant lady you want to look like. Nothing about her has changed except for her cute belly. Little Jackson is going to be a cutie!

I am so excited for these three cousins to meet and even more excited for my sweet grandma Meme to get to meet the three of them. We are all very excited about the newest additions to our big extended family.