Sunday, January 10, 2010

30 Weeks Pregnant!

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant, or approximately 75% done with this pregnancy. In 10 weeks, we'll be parents. Now that we're in the home stretch, we are feeling a fire under our rear ends to finish everything that needs finished and to buy everything that needs bought. I can't believe how fast time has gone by.

Lulu continues to grow and move, although the types of her movements have changed. She pokes and rolls more these days and I suspect it's because she's running out of room in there! I have felt her get hiccups quite a bit and it's always I after I drink something either really hot or really cold.

I had a great doctor's visit last week and graduated to every two week visits. So, I go again next week. The same day as the doctor visit, we also went to our first childbirth class. Some thoughts on that: the information that was given to us could have been condensed into an hour long session instead of drawn out into an exhausting three hours, and I didn't learn anything new. We practiced breathing techniques and relaxation techniques; however those were at the very end of class, at around 9:15pm, when I was so tired. I didn't really relax or breathe as well as I could have because I was anticipating the drive home whilst very tired. Another interesting note; Matt and I were the only married couple there and we were the oldest couple. Just an interesting observation. We were contemplating not going to another class, however, my doctor requires a completed childbirth class before being admitted into L&D (not that he could do much if I showed up in labor without having attended one) and we want to go on a tour of the hospital, which is part of the four class series. Who knows, I could learn something new in the next three classes.

New developments this week: I am visiting the bathroom A LOT more frequently than before. I mean, an average day I visit the bathroom 9 times during work. Not the best when you teach third graders, but I just pray that there are not fights while I am gone. Luckily, I taught my expectations while I am out of the room early in the year, so now I'm just putting them to the test. Another new development is that my back is starting to hurt after a long day. Not so much my lower back but my upper back. Oh well, I don't really mind because I am in the home stretch!

The month of January is actually going to be the calm before the storm. We are free every weekend this month and we have a three day weekend next week. February will be busy; three weekends of the month are baby showers (for Lulu and me, so I am NOT complaining) and the last weekend we are taking belly pictures with a photographer...I need to figure out what to wear for that. Something that slims every part of my body except my belly...any suggestions?

10 more weeks!!!

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Tara said...

At a certain point in my pregnancy I would no longer be wearing anything but black :) I suggest black for the pics.
Sorry about the L&D class - ours was the same story....can you sneak out early and still get credit? :)