Friday, November 13, 2009

Worst Nightmare

A dear friend of mine and fellow blogger, Tara and her husband, another good friend, had their worst nightmares come true yesterday. Their son Gage suffocated under a blankie during his nap and has since been unresponsive. Gage is about four months old.

Before I got pregnant, this story would have devastated me, it would have ripped me in half. Now that I am pregnant, now that I can feel my girl inside me, now that I have named her and know her, this story brings me to my knees. It brings me to my knees and I lift their family up to our Lord and place them in His hands. I pray that baby Gage comes back to us, I pray that Isaac and Tara remain strong and I pray that one day, life for them can get back to normal.

Please pray for the Fleener family and keep them in your thoughts. Visit their blog at: