Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Will You Look Like, Lulu Mae?

I have been dreaming about Lulu nightly. These have been really good dreams, actually. I mostly dream about holding her. I can never really tell what she looks like, she's just a sweet little baby with a bald head.

I know the Lord has made my girl in His image and knows her better than I ever will. He already knows her heart, newly formed as it is. I know He has the perfect plan for all of us, but sometimes when tragedy strikes, like what has happened to the Fleener's, it's hard to understand. I continue to pray for them and am amazed at their strength. These are people who are the same age as me, and they are handling this so well. Please continue to pray for them.

I get to thinking about what my girl will look like and all I know is, she will be gorgeous. From the top of her head to the tip of her (most likely long) toes. I am more and more excited to meet her every day.

This is her mama and daddy when they were babies:

Either way, we're both in trouble. This baby girl is going to be so precious, words can't even describe it.

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