Sunday, November 15, 2009

22 Weeks! A Week in the Life of Our Little Lulu

As I write, Lulu is going to town! She is moving and shaking and having what appears to be a good time. Every time she kicks, my spirits lift and I can't help but smile. That's my girl in there, y'all! Her life is a precious miracle.

According to, Lulu Mae is about a pound. However, I believe she may be running a little bit above average, so I think she's about a pound, maybe even more. This week, her tooth buds are developing (so much better to teeth with), and her beautiful facial features are becoming more distinct. Her pancreas is also developing, and we'll pray that it develops well, because that's an important organ! Her little eyes still don't have any pigment...what color will her eyes be? Will they be beautiful sparkling brown like daddy's, or blue like mama's? Or, will Lulu throw us a curve ball and have green eyes like her Big Papa and her Aunt Mollye? Only time will tell!

I had a good doctor's appointment. I am measuring at 22 inches, which is normal, my blood pressure is good and I got the H1N1 shot. I didn't think that would even be offered to me, with all the shortages, but my doctor had it. I had a lot of misgivings about taking it. I would have liked to have seen more research out about it, and for some odd reason, the nurse couldn't tell me if the shot had thimerasol in it. However, the doctor was pretty serious about me taking it and so was hubs, so I did. The doc basically said I could very well die if I caught the H1N1 flu, and that I was very high risk, with the pregnancy and being a teacher. I said a little prayer and let her stick me with it. I didn't experience any side effects, and it certainly hasn't curtailed Lulu's movements. Baby girl is active!

On another note, I am certainly suffering from a little thing called sausage fingers and cankles. I complained about the swelling to Dr. Kelley and he said it's because I'm on my feet all the time. He said since my blood pressure is fine, it's a combination of being on my feet and watching my sodium intake. It's fine though, especially since it doesn't hurt. I had some severe ligament stretching last week and boy, was there some moaning and groaning. I hope I won't be a wimp during labor, but if how I acted during the ligament pain was any indication, I'm pretty sure I will be. Oh well. That's why the good Lord created epidurals. I've done my research on those, and they are perfectly fine for baby and mama. Hubs came very close to saying I didn't have a choice; I was getting an epidural when my time comes. Poor guy, he's sweating labor and delivery more than me.

Our crib and changing table came in, and they will be put together over Thanksgiving break (5 teaching days!). The in-laws and Grandma are coming into town from McAllen, so whilst hubs and Daddy Mac are working on the nursery, I'm hoping Mama J and I can set up the crib and changing table.

That's all I have for now. Please continue to keep the Fleener's in your prayers. They are the picture of courage and strength during this incredibly hard time. I wish I could pick them up and hold all of them, but since I can't, I'm leaving it up to God. He does a very good job at holding people together.

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