Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Momentous Occasion

Last night marked the beginning of our week long Thanksgiving extravaganza. I'm cooking this year! Anyway, we thought we'd begin the festivities right and sit on the couch and catch up on all of all recorded shows. Yeah, we know how to celebrate in style.

While we were watching, we got to talking about how soon, this activity of ours (which we both very much enjoy) is going to look very different. We'll have a little baby to take care of soon, but we resolved that that is okay, there is a pause button.

Lulu must have heard us because she really started to kick hard. So hard it was making the quilt I was covered with jump. I put hubs' hand very nonchalantly on my tummy, because up until now, he hasn't been able to feel our girl. Well, Lulu made herself known to daddy last night! My husband felt our baby girl for the first time and guess who cried?

Me. (Did you expect anyone else?)

He was pretty stoked about it though. It was a nice way to begin the holidays, don't you think?

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