Sunday, November 22, 2009

23 Weeks! A Week in the Life of Lulu

I can't believe I am 23 weeks pregnant! I know the next 17 weeks are going to just fly by. This week we're on Thanksgiving break, then we have three teaching weeks, then it's off for two weeks for Christmas. By that time, I'll be well in my third trimester. We still have a lot to do!

Hopefully, Lulu's room will be finished by her daddy and her Papa over the break. My mom, her Grammy, is making her bedding. I got really picky about bedding and was complaining about it to my mom and all of a sudden, she disappears. I was like, hmm, where did mom go? Turns out, she was in her sewing room (yes, she has one of those) and was digging for a pattern. She bought the most precious bedding pattern before I was even pregnant and has been saving it. So, now we find the material and then Grammy can get to work.

This week Lulu Mae is of course, moving up a storm. Her daddy definitely knows that she's in there, which is a relief. Her hearing is developing, so now's the time to start playing Jack Johnson and Weezer and Dave Matthews and all sorts of good music. She also knows my voice and daddy's voice. She probably knows a lot of my student's voices too, now that I think about it, and her first words just may be some of their names. (I say some names QUITE a bit.) She weighs over a pound, which I can tell, because there is a pronounced weight in my lower abdomen that I am acutely aware of.

I have been feeling great, the swelling in my feet is at a very minimum and my fingers seem to be a little skinnier too. I had some upper respiratory issues on Friday, but the doc gave me meds and I'm feeling better.

Goals this week: finish up her room, buy one big ticket item for her (either car seat or stroller), finish her registry.

Please continue to pray for my friends, the Fleeners. Their baby boy passed away a week ago, and while their courage and strength and grace continue to shine like a beacon, I know they're in an immeasurable amount of pain. Pray that they heal, slowly but surely.