Monday, November 9, 2009

21 Weeks (And a Day): A Week in the Life of Tallulah Mae

I just read over that blog title and I have to say, my daughter's name is music to my ears. It's so lovely to be able to address her by her name and by appropriate pronouns.

According to, Lulu is weighing in a 3/4 of a pound. However, the sonogram tech said last week she was weighed about 13oz, which is already more than a quarter of a pound. So, I think baby girl is around 15 or 16oz, which would put her ahead of the curve. I always knew I would have an advanced baby. Lulu is also kicking away, and she is way more active at night, especially when I am reading. I am having to reread "New Moon" to get ready for the movie (two more weeks, yay), and I'm pretty sure she likes it when mama is still and reading.

Yesterday we bought our crib and changing table. The crib looks like this:

We decided on white because we love it and it will go so well in her room, as well as because this crib converts to a full sized bed. Nice. I still have no idea what bedding we will get for her, we just know it will be cute. I'd like to do a lamb theme, but I haven't found much in the way of lambs.

We also bought our changing table, which looks like this:

So, that's one less thing that we have to do. We are trying to buy the big things first and fill in the gaps as we go with little things. Also, we decided that it would be best if we registered online and not instore. I am calmer that way. I get overwhelmed in Babies-r-us where there is so much stuff to choose from. We've already chosen our strollers and we just have our carseat to get next. We're also looking at pack-n-plays and think we may have found one that we really like. And, we found the perfect bouncer/swing combo that has little lambs on it! (I just reread that paragraph and yes, I realize how boring it sounds. It's my life though.)

My uncomfortable levels are also rising a tiny bit. I was woken from a deep sleep Friday night with...the hiccups. Yes, full-fledged hiccups. That has never happened to me before in my life. Sadly, my joints are also starting to swell. My wedding band, which used to slide easily up and down my finger, now threatens to cut off circulation. I don't like the way my finger feels without it, so I'm having trouble deciding what I'm going to do about my ring situation.

I will leave you with a new baby bump picture, me at 21 weeks.


Kelly said...

Ginny! Wow! I'm so happy for you guys. You made me a little teary. What a beautiful name you picked! Hope you are all doing well!
P.S. Where your ring on a necklace?

Kelly said...

i mean 'wear', not 'where'...oops

Tara said... has about 6,000 crib bedding sets to choose from : )
I think white furniture is perfect for a little princess.

Mollye said...

Okay, so I'm gonna state my favorite thing about the picture besides Tallulah...

The half hidden corgi at your feet. Makes me nostalgic...

"WAYLON!!! WAYLON!!" Love ya sis.