Saturday, October 10, 2009

Needless to say, I cried

The Office is our favorite show. We love awkward situational comedy, so this show is perfect for us. Ever since the show began, I have been waiting for the wedding of Jim and Pam. Now that I'm pregnant, I laugh hysterically when things aren't that funny and I cry way too hard when things aren't that sad. I mean, I started crying when I just saw the previews of Jim and Pam's wedding. So yeah, I knew there would be tears when we watched it. Watch below if you can figure out the other reason I cried uncontrollably during Thursday's episode. Sobbed, gasped for air type of crying.

It's just so sweet! And funny! We're totally doing this when the baby is christened, and I know that's only for Catholics, but I just want to see the baby's godparents dance around. :)

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