Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Look

Today I had a meeting with all sorts of people from all over the district. I love these because I get to see old colleagues and catch up with people during breaks. I also learned a lot too, which is good. A lot of people that I know and used to work with have no idea I'm pregnant, so when they saw me today each person gave me a certain look. It was like, they smiled when they saw me, then their eyes went straight to my belly and stayed there for a few seconds. It's always hard to ask a woman if she's pregnant, so many people don't. I just thought it was so cute that they were staring but didn't ask. Don't worry; I told them. I can't contain it. The lady that I get tacos from knows I'm pregnant, so yeah. I'm freely sharing the information. What hubs and I both love is that after we share the information, the level of excitement in the room just raises. Everyone gets so excited for us, so it's wonderful to tell people. :) Turns out, a baby is a blessing to everybody.

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