Friday, October 16, 2009

First New Baby Purchase

Yesterday I made my first of many new baby purchases. I bought a sling, a nursing cover and a swaddle blanket. I feel I may have went a little overboard, but I saw the cutest picture of my friend Jessica carrying her baby in this adorable sling. Her little baby fit perfectly and she looked very stylish. She said she got it from and the seller was loveyduds. I have never even heard of but I went there and was amazed! It's like the ebay for handmade stuff.

I got this sling:

I figured this one works for a boy or a girl. Plus, this combination of colors will always have a special place in my heart because those were our wedding colors. I got a matching nursing cover to go with it, which looks like this:

I am very excited to get them, but even more excited to put my baby in them. So, if anyone out there is buying stuff for babies (ahem, Mollye) maybe they can look at this website and find some neat gifts.

Speaking of my baby, and totally off subject, I have to share this CRAZY dream I had last night. I dreamt that I had my baby, and it was the most precious thing I had ever seen. I don't know if it was a boy or a girl in my dream, I just know it had the most perfect round, bald head. Anyway, I was bonding with my baby and really enjoying myself when all of a sudden, it turned into a kitten. I know! I looked up in my dream and had a kitten running around the house. People would come over to see the baby and I would say, oh, it turned into a kitten. They would accuse me of lying about being pregnant, it was just terrible. When I woke up I had to convince myself that it didn't really happen, even though it was so crazy to begin with. Pregnant dreams are something else!


Jess and Matt said...

Yay! I am so glad that you got the sling! You are going to LOVE it. I wear mine around with little baby ALL the time, it's great. It is so crazy how dreams get when you are pregnant. I have dreams my baby was so small I could carry him/her in my pocket. A few times I had a black baby, etc. It's crazy. I am so glad you are so excited and loving pregnancy so much; it is such a special time!

Tara said...

The sling is so great. I have a baby bjorn and it has been such a life saver - especially with 2!
Another pregnant friend of mine had a dream a few weeks ago that she gave birth to a lion cub : ) We told her she should name him Simba.