Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Perfect Life

Today my principal sent an email out with a sort of inspirational message. The crux of the message was this: instead of concentrating on what would make your life perfect(if only I had this, if only I lived there, if only, if only), concentrate of what makes your life perfect right now. She then wrote ten reasons why her life is important right now, today, this very moment. I loved it and thought I would blog about it.

1. I am married to the man of my dreams, my best friend, my partner. We laugh together nightly.

2. The baby that is growing inside me is strong and healthy and has the heart beat of a champ!

3. I work at a job that I love, that I am good at and that challenges me every day.

4. Said job also pays all the bills, and leaves us with plenty to save every month so this mama can take an extended maternity leave.

5. Our refrigerator is full of food, as well as our pantry.

6. There is a roof over my head which provides us with a lot of space, coolness and heat (although we haven't needed the heat yet).

7. I have a strong relationship with my mom, my dad and my sister, all of whom are healthy.

8. I work with a great third grade team who puts up with this mommy-brain with a smile.

9. I have clothes on my back and the means to buy clothes for an ever expanding waistline.

10. I am able to get more than ample medical care for our precious baby, who is the most important person in our lives.

I have a perfect life and every day I am so thankful for our numerous blessings. We realize that not all people are as blessed to have so much love and light in their lives. We only hope we are able to use our many blessings to make the lives of others around us easier and better.

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