Sunday, October 18, 2009

18 Weeks! A Week in the Life of our Beautiful Baby

Little baby has been growing for 18 weeks! This week Baby K is around 5.5 inches long and weighs in at about 7 ounces. Baby is busy moving up a storm and I've even felt it a couple of times this week! That was exciting. His or her little ears are in place and its reproductive parts are all formed. When I tell hubs that if it's a girl, her fallopian tubes and uterus have formed and are in place, he says no, that's wrong, those parts won't form until she's forty. :) Already the true daddy.

I had my doctor's appointment last Tuesday, and he had the gals up front schedule me an appointment for Nov. 3 to get the sonogram to find out what the baby is. That's fine with me, because the longer we wait, the more defined those parts will be. So, in two more weeks we'll find out if Baby K is a baby boy or a baby girl. We did get to hear the heart and let me tell you, that thing is beating loud and clear. Dr. Kelley didn't even have to hold the wand on my belly and move it around, the first place he touched registered a very loud, very fast heartbeat. Hubs and I were both very impressed and proud of our little baby.

As far as me, I am feeling okay. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and swollen tonsils, so I'm on the look out for any other symptoms that might indicate the flu. So far, no cough, no fever, no aches. My energy level is the same and I am completely breathing through my nose. I think it might be my allergies acting up because we just had a bit of a weather change. I did have some very pregnant things happen to me on Friday, which were uncomfortable and a little gross. I won't go into it, but my mom just said it was my body getting ready to nurse. I wonder if my body knows we haven't even bought nursery furniture yet? I feel as if it's a little early for that to be happening but oh well. I'll roll with it. If it has to do with my baby, I'm okay with it.

Last week, as I mentioned, we went to my family's ranch and while there, I got to see my two pregnant cousins. I am on the left, due March 21. M'chelle is in the middle, due March 27, and Keri is on the right, due April 25. It was so fun seeing them and I really can't wait to take our Christmas baby bump picture!

Picture compliments of the lovely M'chelle Reedy :)

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