Sunday, October 25, 2009

19 Weeks! A Week in the Life of Sweet Baby Kelsey

Today I am 19 weeks pregnant! It feels like time is just flying by. I'm feeling more and more fetal movement everyday and I'm getting bigger everyday. The belly touching has officially begun, now that the stomach is poking out. I welcome every little tummy rub; it's a sweet way for people to say they're excited for you. My friend Kim will grab it with both hands and talk to it...she's the only one, apart from my husband (who has kissed one else is allowed to do that) who has done that. I'm entering what I call the "cute" phase of pregnancy. It's the one where you have this small to medium bump in the front of you that kind of precedes you everywhere you go. It's cute because people can tell you're pregnant, you've got that pregnant woman glow (from all the HCG), and you're not a mammoth yet. Plus, you feel cute. It doesn't hurt that everywhere I turn people are complimenting how beautiful I look. I was getting my eyebrows threaded (ouch) and the little Indian lady just kept saying how pretty I looked (and this was before I got my brows done...those things were getting ready to crawl off my face). I visited hubs' school yesterday and all his students said how pretty I looked. It was really flattering. However, soon I will enter the "not so cute" phase of pregnancy, when that small to medium bump turns in to an oversized basketball with a life of it's own. The belly button will be inside out, and while that pregnant lady glow might not have gone away, it will be harder to see because of the gargantuan bump that now precedes you. I've never experienced this phase, but I heard you don't feel cute either, as little baby uses your lungs for pillows frequently and it's hard to get comfortable while laying in bed. I know that phase will come soon enough, so for now I will enjoy the cute phase to it's fullest..and who knows, maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones who never experiences the "not so cute" phase.

Wow, haven't even begun to talk about my little baby. Let's see, this weeks little baby's sensory development is taking off...that means he or she will be able to see, feel, hear, smell and taste when it leaves my warm uterus. It's little arms and legs are in correct proportion to it's little body and it's kidneys are making urine. How cute, my baby is peeing inside me. :) I learned this week that to keep the skin from "pickling", the baby is developing this waxy substance called vernix caseosa around it's skin. I wonder if that's why they look all grey when they first come out? And, it's sprouting hair. I think that our baby will be a baldy for awhile because both hubs and I were bald for quite awhile when we were babies. Who knows though? You can never really tell.

One more week til we find out if it's a boy or a girl! What do you think it's going to be? Vote!

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