Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Names

We have had our baby names picked out for quite awhile now and since the big day is drawing so near, I thought I would share them.

Our boy name is Kristopher Gene, but he'll go by Topher. This name has a lot of meaning to us. First, Kristopher is Matt's best friend. They've grown up together and are as close as brothers. Kris introduced Matt and me nine years ago, so really, there would be no baby without Kris, because there would be no Matt and Gin. It seems so right that our first son be named after him. We decided to call our baby Topher for two reasons: one, Topher is a little different from all the Chris's out there in the world. Also, one of our very favorite books, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers, has a boy in it named Topher (he is actually the little brother of Dave Eggers, who writes the story about his life). We thought it was a little original. Gene is both of our dads' names. What is so weird is that both of our dads are Gene, however, Gene is their middle name. My dad is Kerry Gene and hubs' dad is Everett Eugene. I love symmetry like that. So, that's our boy name.

Our little girl name is Tallulah Mae, but she'll go by Lulu. I am a big fan of southern names, my name is very southern (Virginia Jeanne), and I just think the ring of them is really pretty. I am an avid reader and when I read the name Tallulah (The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood), I just thought it was precious. Mae just seems to complete it. Hubs loves the name, so that's our girl name.

Only one more week until we find out if we're having a Topher or a Lulu!

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