Saturday, October 31, 2009

Baby Bump and Registry Musings

Here is a picture of me and my baby bump. Tomorrow I will be 20 weeks and in three days we find out if it's a Topher or a Lulu. We are excited that we are halfway done, excited to buy all the furniture for the baby and excited to do the registry. I was looking online the other day for baby stuff, and sometimes my head starts to spin when thinking of all the stuff the baby will need. It's like, how much of each will it need? Is there a right or wrong brand? Should I buy a breast pump or just rent? How many towels will the baby need? How many cloth diapers? (Yes, we're cloth diapering the's a point of contention amongst many but it's our personal choice.) How many pacifiers do I buy? Should I even give the baby a paci? I don't know. Do I buy it both a bouncer and a swing, or one or the other? Should I get a high chair right away? I don't know what the point is of it but it seems weird not getting one right away. What's the best car seat out there? I only want the best. What's the best stroller? I want one that has sturdy wheels and that makes the baby face me when we're walking. It's unknown territory and when I'm doing something unknown I tend to go overboard. Part of me doesn't even want to register in store but do everything online. Oh well, ready or not the baby will be here in four and half months. Luckily, that gives us some time. :)


Jess and Matt said...

Ginny, you are going to be the best mom. I just love how excited you are. I love reading all of your posts. You are going to do great. It is so overwhelming at first, but it all just seems to work itself out and you figure it out as you go. We have the Britax companion infant seat and I absolutely LOVE it. Don't get a highchair right away; it just takes up space. I think it's awesome you are going to use cloth diapers... I want to learn more about that. I hate seeing how many go into the garbage every day. Good luck to you; you're going to do great. I'm SO SO excited for your little family!

Anonymous said...

Ginny, so clearly I am not a mother, but I have worked with kids a lot so I can give you one tiny piece of wisdom: Don't worry about the pacifier thing. I would buy some, just in case, but what I've found is that some babies will take them, and some could care less (because they suck their thumb, for example) so just follow your baby's lead on that one.

I love the name Lulu! I voted that it's going to be a girl! :)