Monday, September 28, 2009

A Week in the Life of Baby K: 15 Weeks! (and one day)

My baby has been growing inside me for 15 weeks and one day! I'm a little late this week because yesterday we spent the day in transit between Colorado and Texas. When we got home I glued myself to the couch and that was it.

Little baby is developing so sweetly; although it's eyes are still fused shut, it can sense light, which means if hubs holds a flashlight to my belly, baby will notice it. He or she is also 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces. Aw!! And, Baby K is also getting ready for it's debut in the world, because it's practicing breathing, even though now it's only taking in the amniotic fluid. According to, Baby K is also moving quite a bit. I haven't felt anything lately, but I'm sticking to the fact that I did feel it a couple of weeks ago. His or her legs are growing longer than it's arms and it's eyes are moving around from the sides of the head to the front.

I am feeling pretty good these days. I am basically ruled by two basic things: hunger and exhaustion. When I'm hungry, I eat and when I'm tired, I sleep. There is no more trying to "hold off and get a bit more work done." Nope, when those things happen, I take care of them. I have been having headaches that are from out of this world. I mean, the kinds of headaches where I need a cold towel on my head and one on my neck and my feet need to be elevated. I know it's okay for me to take Tylenol, but sometimes I get nervous about those things. I never take more than one pill at a time, I just get worried.

Stay tuned, I have a couple more blog posts that are sitting in my head, just waiting. Hmm, considering how my mommy brain has been they just may never come to fruition. I would post them now but I am both hungry and tired and you know what that means. Cross your fingers for blog clarity!!

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