Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Know You're Pregnant When...

  • When you're husband comes to bed at night in a sweater and wool socks...and we live in South Texas. What can I say? I'm running a little warm these days and the AC is a God-send.
  • When this video makes you cry:

Seriously, I bawled during this video. Why? I still can't tell you. My hubs and I totally would have rocked something like this. Maybe we'll do it at the baby's christening.
  • My friend T recommended the book "Belly Laughs" by Jenny McCarthy to me. I ordered it from Amazon and it was hilarious. However, the very last part made my cry. I mean, boo hoo. Seeing a trend here? I'm crying more these days. Any other day, I would not have cried during this part. But this part in particular (it's one where she's in labor and realizes her life is about to really change forever), it hit me like a ton of bricks and there was no stopping the floodgates.
  • Another reference to my friend T, she posted this recipe on her blog for this delicious crockpot meal called taco soup. I remember it to be so easy and delicious. Now however, I think it tastes disgusting and will not eat it. That almost makes me cry as well.
  • My husband and I went to an WNBA game a month ago and as we were walking in, I was watching all these talented women play. All of a sudden, I was overcome with all this emotion, thinking that one day that could my daughter out there and that I hope I do everything possible to help her know that she can be whatever she wants to be in life. Again, tears were in my eyes. I mean, we have no idea what we're having yet but I haven't found myself getting teary eyed over NFL football games and getting emotional over the fact that that could be my son out there. I think my reaction had something to do with the fact that I played basketball. Hmm, am I pushing my hopes and dreams onto my unborn baby? Must think about this.

    Tara said...

    I remember it well. Wait til' you see your first humane society commercial..."in the arms of the angels..."
    Also, I called Isaac at work in tears (sobbing) last summer due to the fact that we had forgotten my dog Jasper's birthday.
    Something to look forward to - I enjoyed 2 bowls of taco soup tonight & I was able to use the spicy seasoning because I no longer had the impending fear of heartburn : )

    Jess and Matt said...

    Oh, I totally cried during that whole video. It made me SO happy inside.