Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mommy Brain

Now that I'm pregnant it seems that most of the time my brain is submerged in a fog. I don't know if the amniotic fluid has traveled to my brain, but boy, mommy brain has hit me something fierce. Whilst in this perpetual stupor, I have done some silly things, all of which I of course, blame on being pregnant.

  • While we were at the airport I suddenly forgot that I both needed to take off my shoes and dump out the water in my water bottle. I went through the first time, thought all was good, and the gal looked down and said, "Ma'am, you need to take your shoes off." I look down and I still had on my cute flowery flats. I went back through the detector, took the shoes off, and went back through. This time the guy looking through the machine asks, "Ma'am, is this your bag?" Yes it is and please don't tell me that I can't take that hand sanitizer with me, it's only two ounces. That wasn't the problem. My water bottle was in my purse, still full of water. Back through the metal detector, to the trash can to dump out my water. Third time's the charm; I was cleared to fly to Colorado.
  • Yesterday we went to Qdoba, my favorite burrito place. Many of you have probably been to a similar place, it's like the Subway for burritos. There is a specific place you start in line in order to build your burrito. Though I love Qdoba and Chipotle alike, yesterday line etiquette simply left me and I drifted in front of the line, to the girl at the cash register and said, chicken burrito please. Hubs had to point me in the right direction.
  • A couple of days ago I was getting ready for bed and grabbed my toothbrush and what I thought was toothpaste. I was just about to squirt my toothpaste on my brush when I looked down and saw that I had shaving cream in my hand, not toothpaste. Didn't even realize it.
  • Don't interrupt me, ever. Not only because it's rude, not only because you know your mama taught you better, but because if you interrupt me and I lose my train of thought, I will never be able to get it back. My poor students have learned this of me and spent many a day while I then try and figure out exactly what my point was.
  • My sweet husband and I love to rehash our day together when we both get home from work. We recount stories about our students, colleagues, etc. It's fun and I love that part of the day. Lately though, I will be listening intently to hubs only to realize that I had no clue what he just said. The lights are on, but no one's home.
I don't know if mommy brain is due to lack of caffeine, something I have given up completely, or if it's something else. I just know that it's amusing half the time and frustrating the other half. My mind is on my baby all the time, so that could be it too. Who knows? It's probably here to stay.

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