Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crazy About My Baby Daddy

I mentioned earlier that my lovely husband and I shopped for all things nursery on Saturday. I didn't think that the nursery would get painted for another couple of weeks, but much to my suprise, I found my husband painting the nursery bright and early Sunday morning.

He is such a wonderful guy, words can't describe how much I love him. He has made this pregnancy such a wonderful experience, and it's brought our relationship to a whole different level. It's a very spiritual thing to be carrying the baby of the man I love. We have had conversations that we never would have had otherwise. Some as simple as "Man, isn't it crazy, you have two hearts beating inside you?" "I know babe, it's just insane." You get the picture.

This weekend my husband turns thirty. I just surprised him with the news that we are flying to Colorado tomorrow, so he can spend the weekend with his friends. I can't think of anyone who deserves an impromptu vacation more than him. He is going to be a fantastic daddy...already is!

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