Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Week in the Life of Baby K- 13 Weeks!

Sundays have become a bit of a holiday for me; as it means the start of another week of my pregnancy. Today I am thirteen weeks pregnant.

This week my baby is developing fingerprints! Isn't that so cool? He or she is developing something that makes it absolutely unique from everyone in the entire world. Such an amazing miracle and it's going on right inside my body.

According to, my little baby still has see through skin, which means you can see all his or her organs. Well, that's not very cute, but I've seen enough newborns to know that the skin will get a little thicker, thick enough to where I don't have to see it's liver every day.

Baby Kelsey is also three inches long and weighs about an ounce. "What to Expect" says that baby's intestines are starting to move from the umbilical cord into it's body, where they will stay permanently. Also, baby's little vocal cords are also developing this week! I can't wait to hear it's little voice. It will be music to my ears.

How is mama feeling?

Well, whenever I talk about how I feel, I don't use any stinking book or website. It's never really exact so I just go off of how I am feeling. This past week I have been feeling a lot better! I will go into how I felt during the first trimester later, but this past week I have had more energy, enough to work all day and still come home to cook dinner, which makes my wonderful husband very happy. He's been doing a lot of the cooking lately. I would like to say I haven't gagged in a long time, but while I went almost a week without gagging, last night on our walk I saw that someone had thrown up on the sidewalk and I gagged and dry-heaved for the rest of the block. Never any vomit though, which I am grateful for.

Stay tuned for week 14 and the official start of the second trimester.

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