Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Night We Found Out

As you will recall, my initial reaction upon learning I would be a mother was one of gloating; I was right about being pregnant! I ran out of the bathroom screaming, "I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!" I thrust the test in hubs face and upon seeing the look in his eyes, it really hit me. A little life was alive inside me; soon, it would be on the outside of me, completely dependant on the two people in the room. I then proceeded to do something I had never done before; I began laughing and crying hysterically all at the same time. Hubs had never seen me do that either and had the presence of mind to take pictures.

I had to lay down; a certain hysteria had taken over me. Oh yes, please disregard my outfit. I had been running that day, we had gone to my mom's and it was summertime.

I mean, seriously. I was beside myself. Hysterical joy, that's what it was.

I managed to pull myself together and take a few pics of my husband.

He might look scared, but he will be a great daddy.

Isn't he the cutest thing?

Now he's just being silly, even still though, I feel so lucky to be carrying his baby.

Then he thought he would check if he was pregnant. Don't worry; he's not. :) We are going to have so much fun with our baby!

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aron said...

omgosh this is the BEST post ever :) LOVE IT!!! CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSS :)