Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let Me Weave You a Little Tale

For this tale, we will need to go back in time. Not too far, just about two months ago, to July 17th. Are you with me? Think about where you were this day. Sweating? Sitting in the AC? Working? Think. It was a Friday. July 17th was two days before our year anniversary. That was a happy day. However, July 17th will go down in history as one of our happiest days EVER.

How to start? I guess I will have to back up to about a week prior, on July 10th. We were still in Colorado during that time, about ready to pack our stuff and head back to the blazingly HOT south Texas summer. On July 10th I was hanging out with my sister. Lucky for me, my sister is the kind of gal who doesn't like to run and gun all the time. She likes to relax, chill and talk. We're cool like that. Anyway, my sister and I took a walk after a nice rain came in. We were walking along and as we were walking, I had the misfortune of noticing dog poo on the ground. Someone had not cleaned up after their pet. Normally, I see dog poo and frown, thinking that these are the kind of people who do not need pets. This day however, I bent over and proceeded to dry heave my head off. I mean, I really went to town. My sister was somewhat taken aback. Luckily for both of us, I was able to talk myself off the ledge and NOT vomit all over the place. While I was intrigued at my gag reflex, my sister was intrigued by another idea, which she suggested to me. I told her she was dumb. Not really. When I say stuff like that to her, she grabs me by the pony tail and swings me around.

Now, let's fast forward to July 14. We're driving to Texas in a very hot vehicle. In this particular vehicle, once the car goes above 60mph, the air conditioner doesn't work. Neat. Anyway, a little past Dumas, TX I started to feel extremely exhausted. I thought I would just close my eyes for a little bit. I knew I wouldn't sleep because I never sleep during the day, let alone in the car. When I opened my eyes again I realized I must have dozed off. Hubs was driving and told me that I had been out for 45 minutes. Really? Weird.

We arrived at my dad's house in Ft. Worth at about 9pm and I was famished. We made sandwiches, and I noticed my dad had Bing cherries. I ate one of those cherries and convinced myself I had never eaten anything so delicious in my entire life. I almost at the whole bag but didn't know if it was rude to finish it, as it might not have been my dad's, but rather his room-mate's. I stopped eating them and left them three. That's fair, right?

We got home and I convince my poor, tired husband to go out and buy me a bag of cherries. I popped those things and they were gone in about two days. The naps persisted. I was napping daily, about two to three hours a day and still sleeping a full night. Never thought much of it.

A friend of mine invited me over to her house on July 16 for a girls' luncheon. Her sweet husband waited on us hand and foot. Filled glasses, brought more food, everything. At one point I followed him in the kitchen and explained to him my recent obsession with cherries and asked if they had any I could eat. I know, that was so presumptive of me, and my mom was soo embarrassed when I told her I had asked my host for something so off the wall. We are not divas in my family, but that was definitely diva behavior. After he so sweetly got me the cherries, he watched as I devoured them. He then asked, "Are you sure you're not pregnant?" I stopped dead in my tracks, cherry stem hanging from my mouth. "Um, well, I don't think so. I just haven't had cherries in a really long time." He nodded and shooed me out of the kitchen.

He had planted a seed though (pun not intended). The next day, July 17th, what he asked me kept running through my head. I was only about 4 days off schedule, which is quite normal for me, but man, was I tired. We went to my mom's that day to watch my favorite show, Trueblood, and while watching it I fell asleep on the floor. That was the last straw; there had to be an explanation for this!

When we got in the car I convinced hubs to stop at Walmart so I could pick up a little test (only one question!). He was reluctant, claiming he knows my monthly schedule better than I do. Poor thing, he really does. I persisted in saying that something was up, I know my body, yadda yadda yadda. (I was just bluffing, I'm not convinced my body and I are all that well acquainted.) He caved in and stopped, but knew it to be a waste of time and money. My husband is always right when it comes to issues such as these. Always. I had begun to talk myself out of the idea by the time we got home, but decided to take the test all the same. I had to pee like a racehorse, so I ran in the house, tore the test out and peed on it, not even bothering to read the instructions. When I was done, I then decided to go back and read. As I was unfolding the instructions, the answer to the test came in loud and clear. This is what it said:

I didn't even have to wait the full three minutes; it was more like 30 seconds! My initial reaction was one of gloating; I was finally right about something! That gloating soon turned into pure euphoria. Hubs was in shock, but immediately got out the camera to take pics. I'll post more later.

As of today, we are 12 weeks and two days pregnant. Please feel free to get up and dance around the room. Our baby is due March 21, 2010. I know we waited a long time to share, and I'll go into why we made that decision later. For today though, rejoice with us! Baby Kelsey is on it's way!!


Jo Mama said...

Congrats! Being a parent is the best!

Jess and Matt said...

Oh that is SO EXCITING! I am thoroughly intrigued by your storytelling abilitites. Congrats!

Mollye said...

Hey! I'm the one that put that thought in your head ;D . I will take full credit to calling it that you were pregnant, I knew before you did! Man, if I could only be around you, I could then predict if its gonna be a boy or girl! I have my suspicions...but I guess time will tell... Love ya!

Cecilia said...

YAAAY! CONGRATS! that is so exciting. I can't wait to hear/see more.
I went through a similar 'cherry' incident with Karim only mine was for Pringles. It was like I had never tasted salt and it was the greatest thing and I couldn't get enough. I also had the border-line narcolepsy.
I can't wait to see the little one...

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

You're such a good story teller! :-) (going through and reading more of your archives).