Friday, August 28, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

My husband rocks because he has started the tradition of us taking our first day of school pics! We both started back to work this week and it was with a heaviness in my heart that I woke up at 6am Monday morning. I love teaching, I really do, but I am almost mournful at the end of summer because it means hubs and I go our separate ways everyday. I am so lucky to get to spend all day every day with him during the summer. I miss him these days! However, it is a blessing to come home to him each night. When I woke up Monday morning, he had left me a note reminding me to take our "first day of school" pics when we got home.

Here we are on the first day of school:

Doesn't he look so handsome? It's okay to admire him, I know he is some kind of cute. And now you're thinking, "man, gin sure didn't dress up for her first day..." I know, I know, but we were encouraged to wear our school shirt so faculty could be easily identified. We are in a school full of precious babies that don't know which way is up on the first day.

All in all, we have had a great first week. My students are part child, part squirrel, but that's okay, it keeps it interesting. I am very much looking forward to many more first day of school pictures with my handsome husband.

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