Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Big 27

I turned 27 today.

As I get older, I begin to realize how truly blessed I am and as I come to these realizations, the more it makes me grateful for my job. We started back to school last week and while the inservices are boring and seem like insignificant drudgery, I am truly excited to get back to work. I am in a position to use my blessings to make other people's lives better and while it's sometimes hard and frustrating, at the end of the day I couldn't be happier with what I do. To spend one's birthday working may seem like a drag, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was in my room, getting it ready for the precious little faces that will be here on Monday. I'm excited for this school year!

Why am I blessed?

I have a husband who loves me deeply (and who I love deeply), who is my equal, my best friend and my most important earthly relationship.

I have two parents that raised me right and love me.

I have a sister who makes me laugh.

My in-laws are the kindest, most giving people I know.

I have food in my fridge, shoes on my feet and clothes on my back.

I have a roof over my head and a cat that purrs unabashedly.

Every day I go to a job I am passionate about.

I have great friends who I laugh, cry and cuss with. :)

That's why I'm blessed and why I'm thankful to be 27 on this day.


aron said...

happy birthday!!!!!!! hope its the best one yet :)

Jess and Matt said...

Happy Birthday! It is so refreshing to hear someone so happy with their life, job, and everything in general. You are so cute and I hope your birthday was fabulous.

Monica H said...

happy belated birthday!