Sunday, August 30, 2009

Interesting and Frightening All at the Same Time

My husband and I are both teachers. He teaches high school math and I am a third grade bilingual teacher. We both teach in inner-city schools and the lives of our students are very different from the lives we both lead as students. Teaching is our passion, in fact, all day today we will be planning for our week, getting assignments ready and making sure the work is rigorous enough for the students. Matt came across this very interesting documentary called "Two Million Minutes." This documentary follows three high school students: one from the U.S., one from China and one from India. All three children are definitely teenagers, meaning they do behave as such. However, there educational lives are very different and it is the contrast between the US educational system and China and India's educational system that is so shocking. And scary. It sheds light on the reasons many of the high knowledge jobs in this country are not going to people in this country, they are going to people in China or India. Not because they accept less pay, but because they are qualified to do the work, whereas Americans are not. To me that's scary because it signifies a severe shift in power for our country if something does not change. Education and knowledge is power, and right now we're on the losing end. It's a trend that both Matt and I want to stop; we know our students and our country are better than that.

Here's a preview:

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