Friday, July 17, 2009


We are home and let me tell you how good it feels. My bed is the best bed, my kitchen is the best kitchen, my living room is the best, my husband is the best. Oh wait, I got to take him with me, which is why the trip was so enjoyable. But you get the picture.

Bottom line, we are home and we love it. Our month in Colorado was a lot of fun and I will never, ever forget camp (with each day I think it impacted me more than the kids).

When we got here we had a mountain of mail, the contents of which are still on the living room floor. We also had no cable because when you unplug your DVR box for an extended period, it completely shuts off and you have to get a new one. That was a problem we tried to fix right away. We also had no food and had to go shopping immediately, lest we starve. (Just kidding, my friend Kris told me, with a tone of disdain actually, that I had never been hungry before in my life. I think he wanted me to quit complaining about being hungry at the time.)

Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch with my girlfriends and much needed catchup time! We had a delicious lunch and talked about school. Camp has made me really ready to get into the classroom because the kids I worked with this summer are what my third graders can be, if only they have a good foundation. So, I have an end to my means and am excited to get to work.

Today we are going to pick up my little yellow cat from my mom's house. There we are also going to watch True Blood. I've missed a few episodes, so we have to catch up. I am excited to see my mami!

We have some projects around the house that we would like to complete before school officially starts. We are going to redo the cabinets by staining them and adding hardware. We have a niche in our dining room that we are going to turn into our china cabinet. We are going to buy a few furniture items and get a few pictures framed. Fun stuff. We are also going to do some serious yard didn't rain once while we were away and the whole town's greenery is feeling it. It's sad how yellow and parched everything is, including our poor yard. We are in water restrictions right now and will be ticketed if we water more than once a week, so we do take that seriously. In fact, today is our day to water, so I think I will go and do that now.

Coming up: a recap of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! (Not all the details, but come on, it's our one year anniversary! Yay.)

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Jess and Matt said...

Ginny! You are so sweet! I stumbled across your blog the other day and I love it! You are so cute and funny. I use a cannon rebel for my pictures, but I haven't even tapped into what it can do. I just love pictures. I hope you are well...your life sounds quite busy and exciting!