Sunday, July 12, 2009

100 Posts! A Very Special Edition of Why My Husband Rocks

Good morning to you.

I am coming to you live from the Brannan/Sebastian basement. Last night hubs and I loaded in the car for a fun filled evening of Texas Hold 'Em with our friends. We had a blast and more importantly, hubs got some quality time with his friends. He will not ever have friends in Texas like he has in Colorado, and I am so thankful for the time he gets to spend with them. It's been so neat to watch the evolution of his friendship with each of them; in theory we are all so different now, with degrees and houses and even kids, but the crux of their friendship has stayed the same, just as it has been since they were in elementary school. I think not having them around is the single hardest thing about living in the Lone Star State and I say that truthfully. We miss our Colorado Crew. However, it's a sign of a strong friendship when time doesn't matter, when you can walk in and it's just like you've been hangin' out everyday.

So, poker was great last night. I played my best game ever (fourth place!) and then went to sleep. I am no longer trying to be the gal that stays up past midnight. I just can't do it. Something about my body doesn't like sleeping past 9am, so it's a given if I stay up too late that I will be exhausted. But I am a good exhausted today, how can I not be? I am in the dark and cool of this cute basement, Heva's lap top on my lap, hubs beside me, sleeping peacefully. When everyone gets going we're going to eat at this cute French restaurant for breakfast, Lucille's. Hubs and I are big fans of hollandaise sauce, which this restaurant puts on everything, so yeah, we're excited about that.

I suppose this is a suped up version of MHR because I am writing about other things, but Friday came and went so I thought I would catch up today. My husband rocks because he has a strong sense of integrity. He will stand up for what is right even if it's the path that meets more resistance. Integrity is a characteristic that is hard to obtain and hard to uphold, but this time in Colorado he has shown me repeatedly that integrity is an important part of what he is about. It can be hard to go against the grain when one does not agree with a given situation, but hubs does that and is as rational and intelligent about it. After he explains why he feels how he feels, it's hard to understand why everyone just doesn't see things the same way. This could have been a hard vacation for me, but because my husband does have a strong sense of integrity, it has been the best vacation. You can't ask for a more stand-up guy. He totally rocks.

We leave for Texas on Tuesday. I am excited to go home, mostly because I have several projects around the house I would like to accomplish and also because that is where my bed is. I love my bed. It's cozy and comfy and when the ceiling fan gets going just right, it's so nice and cool. I have learned so much during this Colorado trip and am a different person for having been a PC. It's been a blessing spending time with Matt's precious family, which is my family, and it's even more of a blessing because they will be moving very close to us within the next three weeks. I would also be remiss if I didn't say how awesome it has been to chill with my sister. She and I are gigglers. She's in my corner and I'm in hers and we came to play so don't ever mess with either of us. :)

My tummy is rumbling and I have a sneaking suspicion I am the only one awake, besides Luna and Calvin, two cats who are now my new found friends. I think some coffee is in order, and maybe some Wii while everyone wakes up. Que les vayan bien...cuidanse!

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The Burcham's said...

Hey Ginny, looks like life has been good to you. I hope that it continues that way for you. Where are you in Texas? My little family and I are near Amarillo. Well, I guess this isn't an email, so I'll run.
Sara Beck (now Burcham)