Friday, April 10, 2009

Homes homes homes

We are fully immersed right now in all things home-buying. In a couple of hours we are meeting with our realtor and going on a little lookabout. We have seen one home that we LOVE. We love it and want it but know we need to look at more to make the most informed decision possible. That's what is hard about this process because a home is unlike anything we have ever bought before. It's not furniture or a wedding dress or shoes or a car. It's a home and it's expensive. That's why my mantra is "don't be irrational, be cool, this is big." But it's hard because I saw a house that I like and I want it and that's it. What's wierd is that this home that we both really like is the one we saw last weekend, our very first one. We both played it really cool and so while we were looking and talking with the realtor neither of us could tell if the other liked it. Then, we get in the car and both of us get really excited. It's a unique home with a lovely flow and plenty of room to grow. Plus, it's in a great school district for when the little twinkles in our eyes become a reality. But, we have to look at more, I just feel like we have to.

Is it normal to be enamored with the first home you look at? The only way we'll be able to tell is to look at more.

In other news, I have kind of a one track mind at times and home-buying has completely consumed me, which is no good. I have not been running as much and I can tell it in my stress levels that that is not a good thing. I have also not been cooking as much, which I can tell because I'm eating easy foods and it's making me thirsty all the time. We do have a glorious four day weekend in front of us that will be used for sleeping, running and relaxing. And a little home looking, maybe even an offer thrown in there. Who knows? We'll let you know.

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