Sunday, April 5, 2009

Race for the Cure

Yesterday we got up early and headed to the bus stop to get downtown for the Race for the Cure. It was a 5k race, so very easy, but just the same, I love to run races and there was no exception to the excitement I felt.

There were so many people there! So many that at times it was hard to move. While the race was fun, fun, fun, here were a couple of mistakes:

1. We signed up for the non-competitive race because we were being cheap, saying we could time ourselves, we didn't need to be chip timed and pay an extra $10. We will not do that again because it was so crowded with walkers at the starting line we were trapped. Luckily, my husband can be very pushy, so we forged a path, but it was slow going the first one hundred yards. To make up for that, we really upped our pace by a lot. I wish I had a Garmin so I could know exactly what it was, but it was a lot because I finished at 27 mins, which is faster than what I normally finish in at home.

2. I was so proud to run with my school district. We had the largest team there and at first it was so cool to be wearing the t-shirt and have some random person that works in the district say hello because of the t-shirt. However, my wicking shirts have really spoiled me and towards the end, I really missed them. It's amazing how cotton sticks. So, I wonder if I could talk my district into ponying up the dough for wicking team shirts next year?? (Hmm, if the district can't pay for buses so the kiddos can go on field trips, I doubt we'll get wicking.)

Another thing I love about big races: all the booths with free stuff around. After the race there was a smorgasborde of icecream (Skinny Cow, delish) yogurt (with fiber, they only had blueberry which I don't like), applesauce (I prefer apples, but still good), pink capes (I really wanted one!), water (duh, there had better be water), and various other things. At first I thought I saw Eva Longoria and almost peed my pants until husband had to burst my bubble. The rest of the day husband kept saying things like, "Hey, there's Tony Parker!" Which made me get excited then sad. I always fall for it.

I have to end with some house news: we're going looking today! I am freaking excited about it, but I have to get it out because I think it's important not to let the seller know I like anything. I'm going to be very serious and ask serious questions and not smile one bit. But on the inside I'll be decorating away with a big smile on my face!

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aron said...

great job on the race!!! hope you had fun house hunting too :)