Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day in the Life

I just discovered how fun it is to upload pictures on here. I thought I'd share a day in my life, in pictures. Plus, my cousin M'chele made a good point; a blog without pics can be boring. Here's me spicing it up.

Today, I woke up at 5:27. It's Friday and I'm tired, so I hit the snooze three times (nine minutes each snooze). The first thing I do is drink a bottle of water by my bed and splash water on my face.

And here's how I look after I get the water on my face. Still very, very rough.

I then trudge to the kitchen to turn some lights on, turn the TV on and get the coffee going. I have an obstacle that I have to dodge on the way though.

Mind you, it's pitch black in there. And this guy, Pippen is his name, does not move for anything. I'm sure it's because he has perfect night vision and can see me coming for him just fine. He knows how much I love him and believes that I won't step on him. But it's happened before and he still doesn't get that I can't see him. He also likes ot race me to the kitchen because he thinks it's a fun game. But I believe that he's trying to trip me.

He acts like this isn't what he's trying to do and he plays it off real well. Right after he rushed my feet in mid-step, he proceeded to rub my legs and purr. Oh well. I stumble into the kitchen, blurry eyed and do the most important thing of the morning.

I head upstairs and shower and put on makeup. Sorry; no shower pics. PG stuff only. But, a little makeup never hurt anyone. Not so rough anymore.

Now I get dressed and eat breakfast. As today is Friday, I get to wear jeans. I also wore a pink top. Easy and comfy. Now for my favorite part of the morning: breakfast.

What we have here is: a cup of soy milk, my granola bar (it's like a candy bar for breakfast), chocolate slimfast and a banana. The vitamins I take with the soy milk: one-a-day weightsharp, greet tea, cranberry, vitamin e, claritin. Boring, but I look forward to it. I brush my teeth and pour my to-go coffee.

I guarantee you that a third (maybe a quarter on a good day) of that coffee will be on my shirt before the drive to school is over. Oh well, it's delicous and helps my coherence levels. My drive to school is a treacherous 18 miles over busy highway. Every day I pray for my drive to school; that I make good decisions and that those around me make good decisions. Anyhow, I listen to a combination of CDs and NPR on the way to school. It makes it go by quickly. I get to school and get settled for the day. Here's what my "office" looks like:

In the mornings I get my grading done and do general daily housekeeping. It's a peaceful time of day; I'm one of the few that get's there so early. I also look a lot nicer this part of the day:

When the kids get there they are excited to see me and generally bring me things. One of my babies brought me this:

This is a guayaba and her abuelita has a guayaba tree in her backyard. Yesterday I had told the kids during a lesson that I had never had a guayaba and this child thought of me and brought me one. Precious. My teammate Lily also brought me a sweet treat. She just did it to wish me a happy Friday.

One crucial thing to my day is my special Mrs. Kelsey water bottle. My friend Kim got it for me for my birthday, and now I can't do without it. Hydration is really important to me. Now it's become a symbol for me kids too; they always ask if I've filled it.

At 10:45, we go to PE. This is my planning time; I therefore plan, make copies and call parents. It's 45 minutes but it goes by like it were 10. By this time I'm a little worse for wear, but still doing good.

My desk is also a little worse for wear; I don't sit there at all during the morning, but stuff gets piled up there and it gets a little disheveled.

Lunch comes quickly after PE; today it was strawberries, string cheese and chicken. I eat with my team and we just chat about whatever. My afternoon is a blur; I taught a rounding lesson and pulled small groups; after that, we worked on our 9/11 projects. I was so proud of the way they responded to how we remembered that day. Anyway, the school day ends at 2:55 and this is how I look after standing out in the hot car duty:

Sweaty, sweaty. It's hard to believe a hurricane is coming this way. My room has also been thoroughly used:

I stayed after today a little later than I would have liked, but that's okay. It was a good school day. I drove home and was so surprised that the roads weren't overflowing with evacuees. Maybe they're all already here. Here's what greets me when I walk in:

He is full of purrs and he's so happy to see me. While I'm happy to see him, this is the person I'm chomping at the bits to see:

Don't worry; he's happy to see me. That look you see on his face is typical among first year teachers. He's a great teacher, but everyone must go through their first year. But he's freaking cute.

There you have it. A day in the life. Boring yes. But it's my life and I love it.


M'chelle said...

Ginny, What a cute idea for your blog! However YOUR blog has NEVER been boring without pictures! (Only mine) Are yall coming to the wedding this weekend? Have a great day!

Mollye said...

Matt looks like he just saw someone kick a puppy. He looks so sad in that picture! This was a very amusing blog.