Monday, September 29, 2008

All things Newlyweds

Matt and I have been married for going on three months now and everyday is just a little better than the next. We were lucky enough to go to two weddings these past two weekends and we had a lot of fun. Really, there doesn't have to be a wedding for us to have fun, apparently there only has to be a camera. We are hams to the highest degree. Here we are at the weddings:

This is on the way to our cousin's wedding. We stopped and ate in Lampasas, TX. Good times.

In the car again, on the way to the wedding.

At the wedding, waiting to sit down.

We had fans too.

Matt took this and I really like it.

Wedding number two; at the reception.

Wedding number two again; picture courtesy of Daddy Mac. To me, pictures that are taken by a third party seem weird to look at because I'm so used to seeing the arm extended pictures, the self photos if you will.

I took this one, I'll admit. When you look good, you look good.

This was the best wedding cake ever. Better than ours because I didn't have to fight with nasty fondant.

Husbandly's speech. Did a great job.

A little out of order; this was wedding #2 at the rehearsal. I had no idea he was making that face.

I got him back though.

Me and Frank, a gift from the brother and sister in law.

My cute husband.

This was right as the wedding was starting.

This was at an old mansion called Drayton Hall. I like this pic because it totally highlights all the weight I've lost. That's the only reason it's on here.

Once again, courtesy of Daddy Mac.

Matt's favorite aircraft carrier was in the background here.

Umm, this is me on a cannon. Everyone in my husband's family has posed in some way on that cannon. I believe I posed the most provocatively. You be the judge.

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